Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Telephone Con Job! Beware

Out of the usual topics a bit.

I just received a call from 016-5233346 at 11:45am 10th June 2009.

A woman with Indian accent claiming to be from Koperasi dunno what banks (she was talking VERY fast) said I've been selected to receive a gift because I'm a good paymaster to the banks' credit cards.

She then asked me where I'd like the gift to be sent - office or house and got my office address. However, things started getting fishy when she asked which credit card I had, what's the expiry date & what's the "registration number" (which is the credit card number).

When I questioned her why she needs my cards' details when she's from the Koperasi Bank Bank and that I've been selected for being good paymaster for all these credit cards - shouldn't she already have these details? Suddenly the line went dead.

Just posting this to warn everyone.

They're using a Sales technique where they get the "customer" to give opinion, give requirements of gift & where to send to, all about what the "customer" wants, then lastly only ask about credit card details, by then, the "customer" also automatically gives

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