Thursday, June 11, 2009

Most heard excuses of not learning to manage money and invest

Hm, I think I should have put this as the very first blog page as a WAKE UP call to arms :D.

Here, I'll share with you the excuses I've heard over the years from friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. - the ones that always seem to have an excuse of some sort from starting to learn and manage their money and investments.
  1. I don't have money, manage what.
    Haven't you noticed the people who don't look like needing to excercise are often the ones you see excercising religiously? These people don't have the thinking of "When I drop 20 pounds first, then I'll start excercising". They know that through the process of going for their goals, they get better - not get better then go for their goals.
    Same thing with money & assets. If you don't manage your money and assets, how do you think you'll have money and assets? We reap what we sow, not reap first then sow.

  2. I don't have the time, I have to work most of the time
    'Alo - like as if I don't have to work full time + family commitments. Most of us work 8-12 hours a day for our bosses / company to make money BUT are unwilling to spend 1 hour a day to learn and manage the money earned and grow it. It just doesn't make sense does it.

  3. I'm not good at numbers
    Ahem.. I'm not good with numbers too, school maths that is. However, I am OK with common-sense + the burning desire to make my money work harder, I learned to use tools like Excel to create simulations for testing investment approaches, tracking, etc. If I can leverage on Excel with average school maths skills, I'm sure everyone else can too.

  4. I trust you 100%, just do it for me when you do it for yourself (ie. you buy, I buy, you sell, I sell)
    OR I'd rather use a "professional"

    So you'd trust your family's & your own future to someone else entirely? Cool - I've got a brige to sell you.. ;P.
    Come on, leveraging on others and totally relying on others are 2 different things.
    Either you're just too trusting OR you don't want to step-up to the responsibility of planning & handling your own future, thus you can blame the "professional" for screwing-up.
Any other common excuses that you've heard and care to share?

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  1. Groool, I lagi know nothing much, and learning from you yea :) .... ( Kimmie)