Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bonus time! Thank you Boss! Yeehah - REITs here I come.

Thanks to my boss, I should be able to adjust my portfolio a this year to meet my general Asset Allocation goal of 33% Bonds, 33% Stocks (ex REITs) & 33% REITs/Properties. 'Alo - don't lar go asking where I stuffed that 1% ;P.

My current Asset Allocation lopsidedness towards Stocks (ex REITs) is due to quarterly withdrawals from EPF to invest in Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts using a combination of Dollar & Value Cost Averaging program. Thus, my cash investments are mainly focused on REITs + Foreign focused mutual funds / unit trusts like PFES & PRSEC.

I just got a bit of TWRREIT last week, at RM0.975 based on D/E<=0.5 + ROE>=10% + DY>=8%, as part of my investment into REITs - just about 1/3 only. Heheh - I'm an amateur, thus, too chicken to jump in 100% since I don't have a crystal ball + I want to pickup other REITs at value prices to diversify my REITs holdings, just 2 others, BSDREIT + ATRIUM, not too die-worse-i-fried I hope :D. Any opinions, views and advices?