Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book's Gist: The Millionaire in Me

1. Become a Star Employee
- Learn more about the business, not only your own discipline
- Be more productive
- Continue education
- Expand skills
- Develop yourself
- Network

2. Master human relations (NLP, negotiation, body language, motivation, etc.)

3. Become a Marketable Employee

4. Learn a New Thing that has a market

5. Think as a FREEAGENT

6. Create Additional Sources of Income
- Can be done on Part-Time
- Not much time required, not more than 1hr a day once smoothen
- Not too much management required
- Not too much $ required
- Generate high returns

7. Additional Sources of Income - Focus on ONE
- Part-time Sales - read How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
- Lecturing
- Writing
- Editing, ProofReading, Typing
- Consulting
- Adult Education - eg. Aerobics, Money Mgt, Investments, Flower Arrangement, Computer Thinggy
- Singing, Acting, Modelling
- Speaking
- Internet leveraging

8. AfterBurners!
- Royalties
- Syndication
- Dividends
- Interests
- Marketing Information
- Licensing
- Property Rentals

9. How To Save Money
- PAY YOURSELF >= 10% FIRST!! This sum is NEVER TO BE USED unless for growth

10. The BEST Person to Manage YOUR $ is YOU
- Make the decisions
- Leverage on smarter people

11. Give Up Ownership but GET Control
eg. Leveraging on other people's money, skills, time

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