Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book's Gist: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

-Mental + Spiritual + Experience = Physical result
-Programming regarding $ -->Thoughts --> Feelings --> Actions --> Results
 *Be aware of destructive / negative programming / conditioning through childhood / teenage / adulthood
 *Understand the destructive programming
 *Disassociate the destructive programming
 *Change or shout down destructive programming
-Reason for wealth accumulation should be positive - giving, protecting, providing, creating
NOT negative - fear, anger, to prove something

1. Rich believes "I create  my life" (no rich victims) VS. Poor believes "Life happens to me" (blames, justifying, complaining)

2. Rich plays to win VS. Poor plays "not to lose"
Aim for stars, worse case land on the moon

3. Rich are committed to being rich VS. Poor wants to be rich
-Clarity & commitment: what is wanted, price willing to pay

4. Rich thinks big VS. Poor thinks small
-U will get the value U give
-Value = supply, demand, quality, quantity
-Easiest to manipulate = quantity (leverage to reach it)

5. Rich focus on opportunities / rewards VS Poor focus on obstacles / risk (fear-based decision making)
-Rich takes educated / calculated risks
-Cautious Optimism
-Ready, fire, aim - no such thing as 100% prepared or researched/known

6. Rich admire other rich & successful VS Poor resents rich & successful

7. Rich associates with positive & successful people VS Poor associates with negatives & unsuccessful people
-energy & ideas are contagious

8. Rich willing to promote themselves & values VS Poor think negatively on sales & promotion'

9. Rich are bigger than their problems VS Poor are smaller than their problems

10. Rich are excellent receivers VS Poor are poor receivers

11. Rich chose to be paid on results VS Poor chose to be paid on time

12. Rich think "both" VS Poor thinks "either/or"

13. Rich focus on Net Worth VS Poor focus on working income
-Focus on increasing passive income to increase net worth, not just active income
-Focus on increasing Income, Savings, Investments / Assets VS Lower Expenses by SIMPLIFYING

14. Rich manage $ well VS Poor mismanage $ well
-10% Financial Freedom
-10% Play (must balance with FF)
-10% Specific Long Term Spending (eg. car)
-10% Education
-10% Giving
-50% Necessities

15. Rich have their $ work hard for them VS Poor work hard for their $
-Focus on building passive income

16. Rich acts in spite of fear VS Poor let fear stop them
-Break comfort zone & grow
-Be willing to pay the price & price will be easily payable

17. Rich constantly learn & grow VS Poor thinks they already know
-Commit to learning & growing

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