Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basics covered - Q & A makes it lively

G' day ladies & gentlemen.

Since $ management and investing basics are so.. basic and common sense (IMHO), thus not much for me to add here unless there are questions posted.

Thus, i'm doing most of my "postings" in forums. They can be found at:
1. Low Yat Net forum:

2. PropertiesWTF: http://www.propertywtf.com.my/wongmunkeong-u827/posts/

Please do post your Qs in these forums and let's share to sharpen each other's minds & Financial IQ.

3. You may also be interested in a pack of Excel tools i've uploaded here
http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1577849/+698 OR http://www.propertywtf.com.my/post4831.html#p4831
The tools/worksheets ranges from:
Net Worth tracking,
EPF extrapolation based on salary growth %, bonus, etc,
Properties Evaluation (just quantitative) & rental/sale returns tracking
Investment returns calculation (for those stuff like put in $10K for 6yrs, and get $xxx,xxx in 30 years)
Effective rate of interest pa compounded for straight line loans like car loans and personal loans

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