Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tracking of growth / net worth

It's another year or two, and by tracking the details and % of my net worth, I know that the methods put into use / habits are still working and working great. My yearly (moving 12 months) growth's average is still 28% to 30%+ and the median is 24% to 27% . Woo hoo!

Eh, not all of it is due to investments' returns yar, it's also due to my crazy savings (to me it is crazy mar 40%+ excluding bonus, 70%+ including bonus), enabled by simplifying my life.

Side note, just as a statistic, if you save 43% of your investments returns' and spend only 57%, your $ will never be finished - assuming 8%pa returns and 6% inflation.

Please note - this post is not to brag but to share
a. If U track it, U can manage it better (look at corporations & business world)
b. As U track it, U will "see the light at the end of the tunnel", and it's not an oncoming train :P
c. Simplify, save and invest

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