Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tracking of growth / net worth - 2011 to 2012

Ah... another year gone & things have been chugging along.
Fear & greed was my constant companion, especially in 2011 Aug (fear) & 2011 Dec (greed).

These 12+/- months:
  1. Median net worth growth was about 17%-18% based on a 12 months' moving median.
  2. Average net worth growth was about 24%-26% based on a 12 months' moving average. 
Returns from investments were not as great as the ride from 2009 > 2010 > 2011, thus, the growth was mostly thanks to frugal and simple living.

Please note - this post is not to brag but to share
a. If we track it, we can manage it better (look at corporations & business world)
b. As we track it, we will "see the light at the end of the tunnel", and it's not an oncoming train
c. Simplify, save and invest consistently and holistically.

Just a thought.


  1. Good sharing & great investment discipline - definitely on the right track to achieving your financial goals.

  2. should keep writing, this blog is really helpful through your sharing.

  3. Hi Tee,

    Danke for your thoughts and that my sharing helped.
    As i found, the basics of personal financial management & growth is so simple, that once we know AND do, it's just that.

    The nuances on % of Asset Allocation, sub-asset allocation, etc. are just nuances which need to be adjusted for each individual's risk appetite, lifestyle or investment methodologies.

    Thus far, sharing here + Low Yat Network (LYN) forum + face to face with friends & family, i found that the BIGGEST hurdle is NOT the "how to" but more of the "why to". If there is no burning reason/desire, one will never bother much with the "how to" :D

    Just a thought.

  4. Oops - accidentally pressed "Publish" heheh.

    Anyhow, yeah - nothing much to add other than speculative thoughts like chase China, Brazil & Russia in 2012 and now chase Commodities heheh. Speculations only yar, not anchored in hard-core logic - i just buy / go after things which are down, thus unloved and priced lower.

    Even for Malaysia's market (KLCI), when most folks are worried and went into cash/bonds "fearing" the General Election shakeup in 2011-2012, i went heavy into KLCI :P. Contrarian? Nope - just saw value after the EU scare in 2011 Aug/Sep, thus bought at lower cost :D.

    Just a thought