Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just created this on Google Sheets for my team member to "see" and play-with, for visualizing & planning her future cash flow.

Thus - thought it'd be useful to others too.
Please note:
1. Please make a copy to your own Google sheets in order to edit at your own private pleasure.
U won't be able to edit the version i shared.
To make a copy: File >> Make a copy

2. EPF variables - specifically tailored to Malaysia
If U do not have any such items (it's like 401K, CPF, etc), just zero-rise the variables.

3. Goals 2 to 7:
If U do not have them, zero-rise them.

4. Does NOT calculate taxes on investment or trading returns.
Please factor taxes in to get the net returns pa % expected.

5. Focus on Column D, Row 14 onwards - this is the cash-related investments that will be funding your retirement and goals.
If the row's cell is NOT red, U should be ok.
Red = no more investments to fund anything from that year/row onwards

6. Anything else?
drop me a line here and i'll see if i can incorporate the idea OR clarify usage of existing.

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