Friday, October 24, 2014

Ah... nearly 2 years have zipped by... and things have been chugging along still.
No severe fear (just greed in markets) until recently in Sep/Oct 2014.

These 24+/- months:
  1. Median net worth growth was about 15%-26% based on a 12 months' moving median.
  2. Average net worth growth was about 11%-18% based on a 12 months' moving average. 
Looks like growth from frugal living (savings) being an impact on net worth growth is diminishing as net worth gets higher.
ie Salary has stagnated but cost of living, even frugally, has increased.
Sigh.. what to do, slave to my bosses.

Bottom line:
I'll have to explore other avenues of net worth growth, active or passive,
as salary stagnation Vs cost of living is hit
+ value equity buys are harder to come by with markets going up & up and away (until recent Sep/Oct 2014 hiccup).

Please note - this post is not to brag but to share
a. If we track it, we can manage it better (look at corporations & business world)
b. As we track it, we will "see the light at the end of the tunnel", and it's not an oncoming train
c. Simplify, save and invest consistently and holistically.

Just a thought.

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