Saturday, July 10, 2010

Value Averaging - Personal Money July 2010 Edition

Finally - a local write-up on Value Averaging. Hm.. those folks interviewed kept mentioning about "may need to have deep pockets" to implement Value Averaging properly. Gentlemen, you can marry Dollar Cost Averaging & Value Averaging concepts mar - thus, it becomes programmatic in terms of execution, $ allocation and yet doing value averaging.

If you are interested in Value Averaging, checkout 2 books:
1. Value Averaging: The Safe and Easy Strategy for Higher Investment Returns
By Michael E. Edleson, William J. Bernstein
A hardcore value averaging, DCA and tweaked DCA comparisons.

2. How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically
By Robert Lichello
The title is a bit "lala land" but the concepts and formulas inside are golden. Look at TwinVest - a marriage of DCA & Value Averaging.

Personally, my best programmatic investment results were from TwinVest methodology - simple to use, simple to stick to and results, good. Mind you, TwinVest is just a Buy rule, you'll need to marry it to Sell rules too to be effective.


  1. Hello, I see you have found two good books. May I suggest Robert Lichello's first financial book, Superpower investing where he explains his Synchrovest formula. I have a small forum where I try to list the pro's and con's of each formula plans I come across. Do feel free to visit.

  2. You can also learn more about value averaging at