Saturday, July 17, 2010

InvestorExpo at KLCC Convention Centre 17-18 July 2010 10am-8pm

By the numbers...
1. Reached by 9:50am (yeah yeah my watch is permanently 10 minutes fast)

2. Queued and filled-up form

3. 15 minutes later.. registered and got the "goodie bag"

4. Over zealous guard stopped me from going in, stating I've not registered, even though I kept telling him I did and showed him the "goodie bag". Blood boiling... told him to go check his own SOP and after he did, he relented.

5. Egads.. 20 minutes exploration and asking around.. that's it. 
Nothing incredibly interesting 
a. Mostly vendors giving talks about their own products in "seminars" (ahem ahem - edutainment or marketing), 
b. Alternative investments like wine collection (er.. i think alcohol + investment is a no-no for me, just like alcohol + driving heheh) & land banking
c. Some hot looking women though - I guess what works for car sales will work for "investments" too. I think it's a proven psychological thing - aroused males tends to take more risks, google it ;P.

By the way, anyone wants RM500 vouchers (I've got 2) for OSIM purchases of RM2,500 and above?

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