Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Properties: Hands-on learning Part 1

I've just started my hands-on learning in property investment after researching, quantifying  what is "worth it" and generally hunting + mulling over the idea. Hheheh - big commitment wor, unlike paper assets, properties are illiquid and are more like locked-in investments for a minimum of 5 years (mortgage loan minimum lock-in period).

Thus, just to share my adventures (hopefully not misadventures), I've detailed below the reasons why I took the plunge in this Casa Subang serviced apartment.

Quantitative Evaluations

Well, it meets 3 out of my 4 criterias and looking at the cash-on-cash returns.. (salivalating).

Qualitative Evaluations
The Good
1. Occupancy rate looks to be more than 60%, eventhough it is school-break, based on my night investigation to check how many lights are switched on.
2. Security.
3. Walking distance to MyDin, Giant, Summit, SEGI College and FUTURE LRT (hope only, not putting heavy scoring on this FUTURE LRT).
4. Within 5km of Taylors, Inti, Carrefour, Subang Parade, KESAS highway & Federal Highway.
5. The property comes with an existing renter - contracted for 5 years, with 3 years+ left.

The Bad
1. It is a serviced apartment - ie. usually considered commercial property unless changed/justified by developer and accepted by local council that it is residential. Thus, a lot of rates are based on commercial rate, not residential.

The Ugly
1. Holy cow - the jam at Jalan Kewajipan can be bad. The consolation is that once past Summit and turned into Giant/MyDin, don't need to suffer the jam further into USJ and Putra Heights.

Thus, based on the above, I think it's worthwhile to use this as my "hands-on learning tool" - having more options in investments is always better when hunting for "value". Any learned property investors care to share?

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