Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big Picture / Map Revisited - without which, we get lost in day-to-day details

Sorry for being off-line for awhile - big reorganization & additional areas to handle in my working life.

Hehheh - thanks for your kind feedback. A lot of friends & readers said: "Holy cow! Can you like SIMPLIFY all these? Lots of things to digest and it's everywhere."

Being an IS engineer by training, I think the problem is solved with the picture below. This big picture / roadmap is my own personal approach - the gist of which is:
1. Must have money management
2. Must have some overall strategy / approach for all investments
3. Must have specific buy & sell rules (methodologies) to achieve overall strategy.
4. Track track track. If you do not track your net worth +  investment transactions, you will not know how you are doing, what works, what doesn't & adjust your heading accordingly to reach your goals.

Please do advise if the below is useful yar.


  1. Only a fellow engineer can come out with this complex mapping :P


  2. Hehehe - the cat's out of the bag, techie here. But I already did simplify it already heheh